EKG University

The EKG Course offers comprehensive education on EKG/ECG interpretation. This ranges from basic rhythm interpretation and dysrhythmia management, all the way to advanced 12-lead EKG interpretation.

The EKG Course began as “The ECG Course” and was created by Adam Thompson, and was originally delivered to his paramedic students and colleagues in person only. Eventually he recorded the original course and created a YouTube channel called the Resuscitationist.

Paramedics, RNs, PAs, DNPs, and physicians from all over the world have watched these videos to learn EKG/ECG interpretation. This is the Gold Standard when it comes to clinician-oriented education.

The EKG Course is not meant to live in a vacuum, although it could stand alone as a comprehensive course. Instead, there are several other references mentioned throughout the course to supplement your knowledge. When Adam originally delivered the course, he was diligent in showing respect to those he learned from, and we have continued this tradition, paying homage to Dr. Smith, Dr. Garcia, and Dr. Mattu, to name a few.

The remastered version of The EKG Course that is intended to accompany the book is COMING SOON